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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors have a 10-year life span per the manufacturers. Detectors older than 10 years have an increasing failure rate.


A fire doubles in size every 60 seconds

Everyone who is injured or has died in a fire was home when the fire began. They didn’t know there was smoke in the house until it was too late.

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Fire Facts

During 2014-2018 (NFPA - National Fire Protection Agency)...

  • US fire departments responded to an estimated 353,100 home fires

  • 2,620 civilian deaths annually

  • 11,030 civilian fire injuries

  • $7.2 billion in property damage


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Wireless Interconnected

Smoke Detectors

Save Lives!

When one senses SMOKE or CO, all detectors make noise

All new homes for the past 20 years or so have some form of a "hardwired" interconnected system. "Wireless" offers the opportunity to upgrade an existing home to equal interconnected protection of a new home. Wireless also offer the opportunity to expand a limited "hardwired" system "wirelessly". None of the homes built today are built with 10-year battery detectors.

Smoke Detector Installer

Firefighters Wanted!

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