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Firefighters Wanted

Firefighters who are interested in becoming part of our team of installers will be provided with the following: programming instructions, a bit for their battery powered drill that will act as a drill bit as well as a screwdriver (saves a lot of time) and installation details (placement, things to avoid, information on merging an existing hardwired system to new wireless detectors and a hotline for questions). You will also receive information on creating a professional installation.


All existing detectors must be removed. New detectors can be installed in the same location, providing the location is correct. When done, there will be only one detector system in the home and all holes from unused detectors will be filled with spackling. Information on Carbon Monoxide detector locations will be included. Installers will take on a new name, Firepreventers. They will need a drill, 6’ ladder, screws, small wire nuts (for hardwired system only), spackling, kitchen size trash bags. Firepreventers must install a system in their own home as training and for their home’s fire safety.

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