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Fire Facts

Questions to ask to evaluate the fire safety of your home:

  1. Do you have enough smoke detectors to sense the earliest presence of smoke everywhere in your home?

  2. Can you hear all of your detectors from anywhere in your home, especially from your bedroom when you are asleep?

If the answer to either question is no, your home is vulnerable to experiencing a fire.

After every fire, firefighters want to know what was the cause. Although the causes vary and some are very unusual, one trend emerges. The home didn’t have enough detectors to provide an early warning for the occupants. Smoke is natures pre-fire warning.


What is important to know about detectors:

  1. The manufacturer says they all have a 10-year life span.

  2. Wireless technology has come to smoke and CO alarms allowing them to communicate with each other.

  3. Every major fire organization: UL, International Fire Chiefs Assoc., International Building Code, International Firefighters Assoc., say, “interconnected alarms are best”.

  4. 10-year battery detectors never need a battery change. No climbing and no chirping at odd hours.

  5. Buying fire insurance provides assurance that in the event of a fire your home will be repaired or replaced. A properly installed and complete smoke detector/alarm system will go a long way to warning you of smoke in the house, providing the maximum time to escape, and time for someone to find the source of the smoke and take action to keep the smoke from becoming a fire (unplug an appliance, use a fire extinguisher, call the fire dept., etc.).

  6. Detectors that continue to chirp after installing a new battery have reached the end of their life. The detectors must be replaced. A good time to upgrade to Wireless Interconnected Detectors

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