About Us

We are firefighters who became aware of Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detectors in 2008 and installed them in our homes. We marveled that we could update our homes to the equivalent of what we knew as "hardwired" detectors without the wires. Recent improvements included 10-year batteries and a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturer.


We have one founder who has more than 50 years experience as a firefighter and believes the current wireless detectors provide a significant improvement in fire safety for older homes (those built without interconnected detectors).


We promote the installation of these detectors by homeowners who are handy. We also provide installation capability to those homeowners who need help by way of firefighters (active or retired) who understand the many unusual ways a fire can start. They can best appreciate how significantly the interconnection feature can provide early warning of smoke and of an impending fire.


Our installers are independent 3rd party sub contractors that have a legitimate business license, insurance, etc.

Firefighter Fighting Fire

As firefighters, we have all experienced the tragic results of homes without sufficient detectors.

Portraits-Ed Pfeiffer

Ed Pfeiffer


After graduating from Temple University Ed worked as an engineer in the electrical connector, flexible circuit and wire & cable industries. He joined the Hartsville Volunteer Fire Company in 1968 and immediately enjoyed the training and challenges. Although there were no fatalities in his first 20 years, there were seven in the next 10 years, some while he served as Fire Chief. Although he didn't realize it, this began his transition from a firefighter to a fire preventer.


While serving as a part time fire marshal for 25 years one of Ed’s jobs was to inspect both existing homes and newly constructed homes for fire safety. Sprinkler systems were installed in

new homes, but existing homes didn't have a feasible upgrade option until 2008. It was the introduction of the wireless smoke detectors that allowed the fire safety of an older home to match the smoke detector standard for a new home.


Changes were made in our local code to require every home that sold to be upgraded to a detector in each bedroom and on each level including the basement and the garage. During those inspections Ed demonstrated to the owner or real estate agent the method of using a can of UL approved test smoke to test  the detectors. As they walked through the house and listened for the detectors, it became a way of teaching about the need to know, as soon as possible, when there is smoke in the house.


Local fire events were shared with the agent or owner to make the point. Many homes had old detectors that failed even though they sounded good when the test button produced noise. This was a false positive test, leading homeowners to believe their detectors worked properly and giving them a false sense of security. Ed’s best days were made when the agent said they were going to install them in their own home.


Approximately 100 homes a year were upgraded after 2008. Installations done by the owner sometimes needed troubleshooting. On those occasions he learned a great deal about proper installation techniques and the invaluable use of test smoke which he now shares with others.

Portraits-Matt Pfeiffer

Matthew Pfeiffer


Graduated from Temple University in 2018 with a degree in media production. Became a certified Firefighter and EMT in 2013. Have since served both the community and private businesses since then.   


Certified in Fire Fighter I via the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which included course work in hazardous material identification. Achieved certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in 2012 and has served both the community and private business in this capacity. Worked with young adults in the Central Bucks EMS Xplorer program providing training and education. Assistant Instructor for Bucks County EMS EMT training classes.

Portraits-Dan Pfeiffer

Daniel Pfeiffer


Daniel is from Plumsteadville PA. He graduated from Temple University in 2021 with a degree in Communication and Social Influence.

Daniel has been a firefighter and EMT since 2016 with Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Co. Daniel has spent countless hours protecting the community and volunteering his time to do so. Daniel learned how to install and test detectors from his grandfather Ed and has been completing installations all over Bucks County.

Daniel has a goofy personality but is always professional and informed about fire safety. Daniel likes to laugh at his own jokes even when they aren’t funny and loves to hear and laugh at other jokes just as much. Daniel is committed to making homes in Bucks County safer and helping families feel secure in their fire prevention systems.