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Smoke Detector Facts

Smoke detectors have a 10-year life span per the manufacturers. Detectors older than 10 years have an increasing failure rate.


Everyone who is injured or has died in a fire was home when the fire began. They didn’t know there was smoke in the house until it was too late.


Two critical questions to ask when evaluating the fire safety of your home.

  1. Can you hear all of your smoke detectors from anywhere in your home, especially from your bedroom when you are asleep?

  2. Do you have enough detectors to sense the earliest presence of smoke everywhere in your home?


Firefighters Preventing Fires, LLC is focusing on the sale and installation of interconnected smoke detectors. All national fire safety organizations stress the importance of interconnected detectors.

Smoke anywhere in the home must have a direct path to a detector (every room with a door except bathrooms and closets requires a detector). Detectors can be hardwired, wireless or a combination of both, all with 10-year batteries. When any detector senses smoke, they all make noise, providing the earliest warning to occupants of a pending fire. The earliest warning provides the greatest time to escape. It may also provide time to find the source of the smoke and take action to prevent the smoke from becoming a fire (unplug an appliance, use a fire extinguisher, call the fire department, etc.)


We provide support for do-it-yourselfers who can perform their own installation as well as doing the installation by our trained installers/firepreventers.


New wireless technology (FPF-WS & FPF-WSCO) allows any home to meet today’s standard for a new home without the expense of installing wires. It is a great time to upgrade the fire safety of your home.


Our goal is to make communities safe from fire one home at a time. If your detectors are not connected, your home and family are not protected!

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