Cheap Fire Insurance

A good question – Why purchase post Fire Insurance and fail to invest in a pre-fire smoke detector system for your home?

A Very Effective Safeguard

Six (6 in average home) 10-year battery wireless interconnected smoke detectors (in 3 bedrooms, outside the bedrooms, basement and the garage) cost $279. (6 x $46.50. each, tax included). The detectors with batteries are warranted for 10 years. By installing smoke detectors in these rooms, your home meets the requirements of the International Residential Building Code. When any detector senses smoke, they all make noise. Detectors with the “interconnection” feature insures you will hear the alarm no matter where you are in your home. They also insure that since smoke doesn’t penetrate a door, wall or ceiling, smoke is detected quickly.

If your home is valued at $300,000 and the annual fire insurance premium is $1,000., in 10 years the total of the fire insurance premiums is $10,000 against the possibility of experiencing a fire, (post fire insurance). Everyone purchases this insurance to provide the money to rebuild after a fire. This cost doesn’t include the possibility of burns to occupants or loss of life.

Spread over the 10-year life of the interconnected detectors, the annual cost of this “pre-fire” insurance is $27.90 per year ($279. divided by 10 years) or 2.8% of the “post fire” insurance.

Interconnected smoke detectors are a form of Fire & Life insurance as they provide the opportunity to prevent the fire from happening. Not only sounding the earliest alarm if there is smoke in the house, but time for the occupants to act to prevent the smoke from developing into a fire (unplug an appliance, use a fire extinguisher, call the fire dept., etc.). Knowing there is smoke in your house at the earliest possible moment is fundamental to avoiding the risks of a fire. This is especially true when you are asleep. Without the “interconnection” feature, you can’t possibly hear the garage or basement detector from your bedroom.

National statistic - 84% of the people who die in a fire, die in their own home. Most of these fatalities occur at night.

Run the numbers for your home. Larger homes will require additional detectors. Smoke must have a direct path to reach a detector. The investment in the detectors is the best “insurance” money can buy for you, your family and your home.

A good question – Why purchase post Fire Insurance and fail to invest in a pre-fire smoke detector system for your home?

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